Rice Pudding Pie

The rice pudding pie is light in texture and full of flavour. A thin dough is filled with a light and tasty rice pudding.
The taste of the rice pudding pie suits both Western and Chinese taste buds very well. In mixed company the pie is a save bet. It will surprise and please your friends and colleagues.

The pie can be topped with whipped cream to complement the taste rice pudding pie with cream.

The rice pudding pie is the icon for baking products from the south of the Netherlands.

In the 17th and 18th century rice was a rarity in Europe. The rice pie was made and eaten only by the richest families and at the most delicate occasions. By showing you can use rice to bake a pie, must mean you have enough money to spare.

Nowadays the rice pudding pie has become a much more common product. Anywhere in the Southern part of the Netherlands and just across the borders of Belgium and Germany it can be found. But it remains a very local product.

Dutch Pies is the first bakery to bring this delightful product to China.

rice_pie rice_pie_detail

Without Cream

rice_pie_cream_medium rice_pudding_pie_cream_detail-medium

With Cream