Rice Pudding Pie with cream

The rice pudding pie is light in texture and full of flavour. A thin dough is filled with a light and tasty rice pudding. To complement the taste the pie is topped with whipping cream. The taste of the rice pudding pie suits both Western and Chinese taste buds. In mixed company the pie is a save bet. It will surprise and please your friends and colleagues.Read more about this pie



Grandma’s Apple Pie

A real apple pie, like a Dutch Grandma would make. This apple pie is like an apple pie should be: A buttery crust filled with a lot of sliced apples and raisins. The scent of baked apples and cinnamon will make you want to eat it all right away.Read more about this pie



Chef’s cheesecake

Gluten free! Our smooth and creamy cheesecake sits on a crunchy coconut-almond base. The rich full flavoured cheese is complemented with a layer of sour cream. It is silky, rich and light at the same time. Read more about this pie



Pear and Fig Pie

Our signature Apple Pie crust forms the base of this pie. The stuffing is made with thinly sliced fresh pears, big pieces of figs and a slight twist of orange, topped with brown sugar crumble. Take a bite and let each and all the flavors bloom in your mouth! Read more about this pie



Bourbon Chocolate-Walnut Pie

Not too sweet and yet decadent at the same time! A crunchy crust filled with dark chocolate, walnuts, and a splash of bourbon whiskey, topped with a rich ganache glaze. Read more about this pie



Cherry Cheese Pie

Cheesecake and pie both in one! A delicious pie crust topped with a creamy and slightly sweet cream cheese filling, and lots of black cherries. A heavenly marriage between cheese and one of the best fruits in the world! Read more about this pie



Mango Cheese Pie

Cheesecake and pie both in one! A delicious pie crust filled with a mixture of creamy and slightly sweet cream cheese, then topped with a layer of fresh mango. Read more about this pie



Banana Toffee Pie

With its fantastic combination of banana, coconut and toffee made from boiled condensed milk, this one is irresistible!
If you are looking for something special to bring to a party, consider ordering a double one as there is never enough to go around… Everyone will want seconds! Read more about this pie



Carrot Cake

A perfectly spiced and moist cake made with just the right amount of freshly-grated carrots and lots of homemade cream cheese frosting.Take this classic favorite to a party and see how many new friends you will make! Read more about this pie



Brownie Tart

For the true chocolate lover. This dense, rich brownie is made with Belgian dark chocolate and a bit of imported cream cheese from New Zealand, and topped with a rich chocolate ganache. Read more about this pie



Banana Cranberry Cake

It’s moist and filled with flavor! The dried cranberries give the cake a crisp and slightly sour touch, which creates a perfect balance with the sweet banana and homemade cream cheese frosting. Read more about this pie



Hawthorn Meringue Pie

The Chinese equivalent of the goose berry pie!The hawthorn is a relatively sour fruit. Its sour taste combines very well with the meringue on top. The hawthorn pie is a guaranteed unique tasting experience!Read more about this pie



Cherry Pie (rice pudding topping)

The cherry rice pie consists of a thin crust stuffed with loads of black cherries and jam, then covered with a thin layer of homemade rice pudding, which gives it a very smooth texture and balances the sweetness of cherries perfectly.
Optional: upgrade this pie by adding a portion of whipped cream on the top + ¥25. Read more about this pie



Cherry Crumble Pie

The good old sweet cherry pie is a treat for every cherry lover. The cherry crumble pie consists of a thin crust stuffed with loads of cherries and jam. The pie is topped with a crunchy, rich crumble (streusel) This gives the soft cherry pie a bit more of a bite.Read more about this pie



Apple-Lemon Pie

Different than the traditional apple pie, this apple lemon pie is light and refreshing, perfect for summer. A thin bread style crust filled with a mixture of fresh apples, lemon zest and lemon juice, and topped with a layer of whipped cream. The whipped cream can be swopped for meringue upon request. Read more about this pie



Pudding Crumble Pie

A definite Dutch favorite. A thin dough filled with vanilla pudding and topped with a crunchy, rich crumble (streuzel). The smooth and rich pudding combines very well with the firm crumbly bite on the top.Read more about this pie



Speculaas Almond Tart

The aromatic spices give the dough of the speculaas tart an amazing taste.The powerful cinnamon, ginger ‘boom’ will fill your mouth with an incredible flavour.The tart is filled with a tasty almond paste. A slice of speculaas combines very well with a good cup of coffee.Read more about this pie



Pumpkin Pie

Made with carefully selected fresh pumpkin, our pumpkin pie packs a sweet and ever-so-light spicy flavor with its cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger blend, but still retains an honest pumpkin-ness. Its thin buttery base made for a tasty pairing. A great treat for when days are getting colder and shorter. Read more about this pie



Peach Pie with Plum (July to Sep)

Hot days ask for refreshment. Our fresh Peach Pie combines the sweetness of the best yellow peaches with the slight sourness of imported black plum.Read more about this pie



Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

For some who long for taste of home, for others a new exotic experience. The strawberry rhubarb pie combines the sweetness of strawberries and sourness of rhubarb in a buttery crust which will melts away when you take a bite.Read more about this pie